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  • Name:Sue Su
    Address:Room 604,Building No.19,Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park,Wenyi West Road,Yuhang Area,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Development Process

Tianren Milestone

2006 Developed digestive tract staplers and suture staplers


2007 Developed disposable linear cutting staplers and was the only domestic manufacturer capable of mass production.

2008 Developed endoscopic mircoinvasive staplers and marks domestic staplers entered mircoinvasive era.


2009 Launched products to the market, the digestive tract stapler was only the home products  of using in high-low and high risk parts

2010  Established the company inHangzhouas a center

2011  Built a first production base, created “Security Expert” brand

2012  Moved to Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park, built second phase production base.

2013 Passed GMP certificate

2014 Passed CE & ISO13485 certificates