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  • Name:Sue Su
    Address:Room 604,Building No.19,Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park,Wenyi West Road,Yuhang Area,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Comprehensive Advantages

Product Technology

a. Use high-impact titanium nails could increase yield strength and avoid to be opened by tissue tension after suture.
b. Use high standard imported materials ensure product strength, precision, repeatedly firing without loss.
c. The cutting knife is used ice forging technology, nano coating leads to smooth, accurate and safety cutting effect.
d. Confidential bending technology makes the nails forming more perfects, operations are more smooth and safety.
e. International high standard inspection with 6 trials for finished products could ensure clinical zero risk.
f. Use the world’s top quality packing materials, the bacteria could be isolated completely.
g. Tissue suspension system ensure the organism position could be adjusted with a single hand at any time in operation conveniently.

Quality Control

The quality of products is determined by quality control,enforce all quality control management strictly,quality inspectors far exceed production workers,because the goods will have a complete inspection and be performed 6 times for trial. Prior to shipment,3% of  products are picked out for destructive testing to ensure the rest of products without errors.


Product Concept

Our “Security Expert” brand corn advantage is use modular production to ensure product consistency;the Chinese linear staplers are realized to product successfully;the bleeding rate could be reduced to imported brand level;our team not only know the technology and production but also understand the clinical and market; enforce quality control strictly;based on clinical requirements offering one stapler with 2-3 cartridges