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  • Name:Sue Su
    Address:Room 604,Building No.19,Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park,Wenyi West Road,Yuhang Area,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.


Hangzhou Tianren Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers in China supplying advanced technology micro-invasive staplers. We focus on continuous development of the life science business for the Chinese Medical Specialist Industry and we are committed to produce the best high-tech medical products.


Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hangzhou we manufacture disposable linear cutter staplers and disposable endoscopic staplers in our dedicated production facilities. We operate three state of the art purification laboratories with 10,000 units partial and 100 units overall purification function. We have 2500 M2 dedicated to 100,000 unit’s purification workshops.


Our company has researched, prototyped and successfully launched 8 products within the last three years.These innovative products have replaced imported products and expanded the scope of our domestic markets, often filling existing gaps in the domestic market with our specialized product base.


We have an enviable list of world class quality credentials, including European CE compliance, GMP documentation and full ISO 13485 certification. We absolutely enforce all quality control management processes strictly because the company believes that the quality of products is the most important aspect of product performance and ultimate customer satisfaction.


Some further explanation of this pursuit of quality can be demonstrated by highlighting that our ratio of quality inspectors far exceeds production operators. Every component in our product range is subjected to a rigorous inspection program during the manufacturing cycle and often this process will have been performed six times before it is approved for release. Our unique Company commitment to absolutely perfect products includes the control step where prior to shipment, 3% of our products are randomly selected for actual destructive testing to ensure conformance to our high standards for the customer and to confirm that our products are error free.


We have moved to Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talent Innovation Park in 2012. Our group has actively sought the services of many talented R&D and sales professionals in the medical field from both domestic and overseas locations. Our talented team uses their skills and creativity to provide exceptional quality products to our customers.


We are well placed to supply our products to domestic and overseas markets rapidly with our extensive marketing networks. We have established many beneficial relationships with well-known domestic and overseas hospitals that has allowed us to expand our marketing and we are able to offer a wide range of unique marketing methods, depending on our client’s requirements.


Our business philosophy is Safety Quality & Excellence to create our Security Expertbrand.We will strive to develop micro-invasive staplers and gene therapy remedies within the future horizon of the next ten years, to standards of the best imported goods quality at a local price level.


We exercise iron discipline and practical spirit to provide solutions for doctors, patients and key stakeholders who use our products and our services.We are dedicated to be a conscientious enterprise and we deliver world’s best practice staplers to our customers at affordable price levels and we continue to be a leader in the creation of a premium medical apparatus national brand.